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this set features my daily lyrical rotation. It’s sorted alphabetically by artist. I update it heavily, sometimes more than once a day. I’m not sure why I take it so seriously. You’ll find the most electrifying tracks in this one.

The Spotify version is no longer updated. Maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days.


the maestro himself, eric prydz, has revolutionized progressive house and electronic music. it’s only fair to dedicate an electronic playlist to showcase essential tracks in the genre. by the way, it’s pretty much all a prydz mix.

PLay this to get into a work flow. Don’t forget to turn on crossfade!


I’m working on this mellow, sad, sappy, cat-snuggling playlist. It’s really for when it’s raining and I don’t feel like getting hyped up, like every other kind of music I listen to. Also, it works for when my overtly sensitive reactions to everything call for a depressing atmosphere. Example: I spent $5 on an accessory that didn’t look like the picture I saw online. Sadness.


Vaporwave and lo-fi hip hop have become a new… well, wave. These easy-listening tracks should set the mood for a work flow or perhaps fill the background of your web surfing.